Two locations for participating in clinical research in Boise, Idaho.
Become a part of our medical studies.

Now with two locations, Injury Care Research and Family Care Research, we are offering a chance to participate in groundbreaking clinical and medical Research.  We welcome you to explore our website to learn about our medical services and the beneficial clinical studies we conduct.

Family Care Research

Family Practice medicine is the comprehensive and continuing health care of an individual. It provides care for all ages, and genders. We provide research in these areas: hypertension, diabetes, asthma, depression, and even prevention and observational studies.

Our areas of medical research expertise include:
  • Medical Trials: Phase II-IV Research Studies
  • Diabetes Research
  • Hypertension Research
  • Obesity Research
  • Hyperlipidemia Research
  • Asthma Research
  • Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Research

Injury Care Research

Injury Care Research, located in the Boise, Idaho area is a dedicated medical research clinic. We specialize in Phase II-IV clinical trials, assigning one or more human participants to health-related interventions to evaluate the effects on health outcomes.

Our areas of medical research expertise include: 
  • Medical Trials:
    • Phase II-IV Research Studies
  • Hip Pain Research
  • Knee Pain Research
  • Back Pain Research

Our Solid Commitment to Clinical Research and our Valued Participants

We are committed to providing our clinical research participants with the highest quality care and our study sponsors with optimum clinical data. We conduct only safe and effective trials that help to advance the development of new medications that aid in revolutionizing modern healthcare management.

Why Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are medical research studies in which patients may volunteer to participate. We are always seeking volunteers for our medical trials. Rest-assured that as a participant in our clinical trials, you will be playing a key role in assisting us in acquiring knowledge about specific conditions and finding a treatment or a cure.

For more detailed information on participating in one of our clinical trials please contact us.

Seeking Help with Medical Trials

The medical research team at Injury Care Research and Family Care Research in Boise, Idaho, seeks your help in conducting their invaluable medical trials in the following areas:

  • Hip Pain Research
  • Knee Pain Research
  • Back Pain Research
  • Chronic Pain Research
  • Migraine Research
  • Tennis Elbow Research
  • Hypertension Research
  • Diabetes Research
  • Constipation Research
  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia Research
  • Many more

Our Current Studies:

Below is a list of our current studies. Please click on the name below to learn more about the study and to apply to participate. If you don’t see one that applies to you, sign up for our newsletter to be notified on new studies.