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Old Names, Same Disease: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Old Names, Same Disease: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Causalgia, minor causalgia, algodystrophy, sudeck’s atrophy, shoulderhand syndrome, and reflex sympathetic dystrophy are all old names for the same disease: Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Why so many? Most of these names came about before there was much known about the disease. There was an absence of […]

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Does the Weather Actually Affect My Pain?

For centuries, people have been rumored to be able to tell when a storm is approaching. Such foresight into the future was typically experienced because a person’s physical pain worsens when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Weather Sensitive Individuals Appear to Suffer Elevated Pain Rain, rising or falling barometric pressure, temperature changes, […]

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What It Means to Participate in a Clinical Trial

Opting to become a clinical research patient should never be taken lightly. You should understand what it means to participate in a clinical trial before making your decision. As a clinical trial volunteer, you will be playing a crucial part in the development of groundbreaking medical therapies that may ultimately lead to better treatments or […]

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