Introducing: Family Care Research!

A History of High Quality Clinical Trials Right Here in Boise, ID

Injury Care Research has been conducting Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV clinical trials at our location on Rosepoint Way, in Boise, Idaho since 2010. The focus of these studies has been both acute and chronic pain. Known for his expertise on soft tissue injuries, pain management and injection techniques, Dr. Richard Radnovich has served as the principal investigator for all of them. Jill Heinz – a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator with over 15 years experience – has overseen each of these clinical trials as the Director of Clinical Research.

We’ve been proud to provide the citizens of Boise and the surrounding areas with the opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking clinical and medical research – all the while experiencing the most compassionate, cutting-edge care available for acute and chronic pain. Injury Care Research will continue this important work at its current location.

However…. we are thrilled to announce the company is also opening a new site:

Family Care Research

 Set to officially open December 1st, 2018, Family Care Research will be located at 720 N. Allumbaugh, Ste 105, Boise, ID 83704.

This new clinic will also specialize in Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV clinical trials. Dr. Radnovich will also act as principal investigator at this site, and Jill Heinz, MHS, CCRP will continue to operate as the Director of Clinical Research, as well. The same great staff and physicians you know and love will be staffing this new clinic, so you can count on it exhibiting the quality of care you have come to expect from Injury Care Research.

However, the focus of the research conducted at Family Care Research will be different. Instead of acute and chronic pain clinical trials, Family Care Research will conduct studies that pertain more to family medicine. For example, conditions studies could include:

  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Allergies

We look forward to conducting Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV clinical trials that revolutionize treatment methods for these common conditions – with your help, of course. Together, we will lead the way toward the advancement of global health care!