Research Study to Reduce Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

Are you ready to stop taking your opioids for pain?  You may qualify to participate in a research study for a study drug that may help
reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms during a 2-3 week gradual opioid reduction (taper).

About the Research Study

The study will consist of up to 7 study visits and 6 follow-up phone calls.

You will also receive study reminders either by email, text or phone.

Those who qualify will receive:

  • Study related care and evaluations
  • Research study drug
  • Compensation for their time and travel


You May Qualify If You:

  • If you are 18 years or older AND currently taking
    prescription opioids for chronic non-cancer pain and:
  • Dealing with unpleasant side effects from opioids OR
  • Facing surgery and your doctors wants you to stop taking your opioid before
    surgery OR
  • Looking for solutions to manage your pain without taking opioids OR
  • No longer receiving relief from pain with your opioid prescription

Sign up for the Opioid Withdrawal Study

  • If there is a study you are interested in (even if it is not listed), please let us know here.