A“Greater Gift” to Global Health Starts With YOU

Injury Care Research and Family Care Research clinics are proudly partnering with Greater Gift, a nonprofit organization whose mission is “to reward the patients in clinical trials and the research professionals who support them.”

The Greater Gift celebrates the impact patient volunteers and clinical research professionals are making on the future of medicine by donating a life saving vaccination to a child in need on behalf of each clinical trial participant that enrolls in a study at a partnering research clinic. Founder Jennifer Byrne believes in “The Magnitude of Gratitude” & that by making this “greater gift” possible, the study participant can immediately recognize their sacrifice while the benefits of their contribution to research will live on for years in the form of improved public health worldwide.

Since 2010, Greater Gift has worked with Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance to donate 111,382 vaccines to children worldwide in honor of 111,382 clinical trial participants.

What Does This New Partnership Mean For Our Clinical Trial Participants?

There are many benefits to joining a trial at our Boise, Idaho research clinics. Patient participants often tell us that they are honored to assist in the development of innovative treatments for other people who suffer from the same health conditions. However, they don’t always get to see the effects of their participation until years later, if at all.

Partnering with Greater Gift means that clinical trial participants at the Injury Care Research and Family Care Research clinics in Boise, Idaho will not need to wait until the future to see a positive impact from their efforts. The “ripple effect” of your dedication will begin with a single child’s life and end in greater global health, even if the drug or device being tested doesn’t eventually make it to market.

The vaccination will be donated in your honor and your name, yet will cost you nothing but your time. Our patient participants will NOT be expected to pay any charges or fees associated with the Greater Gift. There will be NO major changes in the existing processes for enrolling and participating in a clinical trial at either of our Boise, Idaho research clinics. However, you will spend approximately 30 extra seconds at your initial exam to receive a certificate recognizing your gift – a small price to pay for a HUGE impact on a child’s life and global health at large.