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Are You Looking For A Better Myasthenia Gravis Treatment? We Are Too- With Clinical Trials in Boise, ID!

Family Care Research is enrolling now for a myasthenia gravis (MG) clinical trial in Boise, Idaho. Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease that causes weakness in voluntary muscles (muscles that are usually controlled at will). The muscles responsible for eye movements, blinking, swallowing, and facial movements are often involved. If you’ve recently received a myasthenia […]

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A Familiar, Caring Face At Our Boise, ID Pain Research Clinic

Do you recognize Dr. Daniel Marsh, MD? He has actually partnered with the Injury Care Research clinic team for a number of years now... When he isn’t providing excellent care to our chronic pain research study patients, he enjoys exploring the great outdoors of Idaho, spending quality time with his family, and attending his children’s [...]
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Have you been searching for a fibromyalgia clinical trial in Boise, Idaho?

If so, you may have come across some misinformation along the way… Despite recent research published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry revealing that fibromyalgia leaves a clear metabolic signature in the blood, many people still doubt its existence. Patients looking for support from friends and family are all too often met with, “It’s all […]

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