About Us

Injury Care Research and Family Care Research are dedicated research clinics located in the fastest growing city in the Northwest, Boise, Idaho.

Our mission is to conduct safe and effective clinical trials to advance development of new medications. We pride ourselves in rapid start-up and superior patient care.

Offering a Chance to Participate in Groundbreaking Clinical and Medical Research

In 2008, Dr. Richard Radnovich knew that by offering patients of Injury Care Medical Center the chance to participate in groundbreaking clinical and medical research he would enhance their level of care while developing new therapies that could also lead to helping his entire medical practice and the field of study. He reached out to Jill Heinz, an experienced clinical researcher,  and Injury Care Research was founded. In 2018 Injury Care Research saw a need to expand into other therapeutic areas that could also help their patients who are interested in research outside of pain research.  Family Care Research was formed and a new central location for this new clinic was built.

Our Team

Our team brings together a proven staff with training in GCP, ICH and FDA regulations. Behind this training is a genuine desire to cure disease, minimize and alleviate patient suffering and improve quality of life. Our experienced staff, coupled with a strong leadership team, helps secure our future in the industry while ensuring our patients receive the highest level of care and service.

Dr. Richard Radnovich, D.O.

Dr. Richard Radnovich is a nationally known instructor, researcher, author and expert on soft tissue injuries, pain management and injection techniques.

Board-certified in Sports Medicine, Family Medicine, and  Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Dr. Radnovich earned his medical degree from Ohio University, College of Osteopathic Medicine, where he was awarded the prestigious Student Physician of the Year Award, the Ohio Medical Education & Research Foundation Achievement Award and the Alumni Professional Activities Award.  After finishing his specialty training, he was elected to the Ohio University Alumni Board of Directors.

Having worked more than 5,000 hours in Emergency Departments ranging from inner city regional trauma centers to Mountain Home Air Force Base, to rural community hospitals, Dr. Radnovich understands and appreciates the importance of emergency treatment of pain and injuries.

Dr. Radnovich maintains faculty appointments at the Idaho State University, University of Washington and Ohio University. He is an attending physician at the Family Practice Residency of Idaho, where he teaches in both the family medicine and sports medicine clinics.

Clinical research is another way that Dr. Radnovich can provide better care for his patients. He has designed pioneering studies on a patch that relives pain for musculoskeletal injuries, and a device that relieves knee pain for months at a time. He  has been a principal investigator on numerous other research projects for pharmaceutical giants Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer and Purdue; these studies tested new treatments for conditions like back pain, shingles and arthritis.

Dr. Radnovich is also politically active, serving in the Idaho Medical Association’s legislative body, the House of Delegates, the Idaho Osteopathic Physician Association Executive Committee, and was nominated to serve on the Idaho Board of Medicine. He is also active in his community, serving on the College of Western Idaho, Foundation Board as the chair of Grants the and Scholarships Committee. He was the first medical director for the Nampa Fire Department and has been the  house doctor for the Idaho Center since 2002.

An intrepid athlete himself, Dr. Radnovich especially enjoys skiing, rafting and running in the northwest.  He is a member of the Bogus Basin Ski Patrol. For years, Dr. Radnovich volunteered his skills at the New York marathon and other athletic events.

Dr. Marsh

Daniel Marsh, MD

Daniel Marsh is a graduate of University of Alabama in Birmingham medical school. He is fellowship-trained and is board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well Pain Management subspecialty. Dr. Marsh has a passion for restoring patients’ functional ability, reducing pain and enhancing the quality of life for patients with physical impairments, disabilities and all manner of painful conditions.  Dr. Marsh performs multiple cervical, thoracic and lumbar interventional medicine techniques, including TESIs, ESIs, Medial Branch Blocks, Lumbar Radiofrequency Ablation/Rhizotomy, SI joint injections and peripheral joint injections.  Dr. Marsh owns his own practice, Exodus Pain Clinic (www.exoduspainclinic.com) where he partners with Injury Care Research to provide excellent care for our research patients. Dr. Marsh has a  family and enjoys attending his children’s activities and exploring the great outdoors of Idaho.

Leanna Moser, FNP-C, MSN, PHN, BSN, RN

Leanna is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a passion for helping others achieve health and wellness integrating both natural and modern medicine techniques. Interests include thyroid and hormone balancing, diabetes, dermatology, anxiety/depression, and cardiovascular health.  She also enjoys aesthetics, helping patients to feel better from the inside out.  Her background entails 15 years of experience in Emergency/Trauma, Women’s Health/Obstetrics, General Medicine, Pharmaceutical Research Studies and Dermatological/Aesthetics.  She owns her own private practice, East to West Family Medicine and Sculpt Aesthetics where she partners with Family Care Research to provide excellent care for our research patients.

Jill Heinz, MHS, CCRP, CCRC

Jill has worked in the research industry since 2001 and has been involved with clinical research studies ranging from those funded by the National Cancer Institute, Investigator Initiated and Private Industry.  She is a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator and Certified Research Contracts Professional with experience in studies that include oncology, family practice, orthopedics, pain management and glaucoma.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry and obtained her Masters of Health Science from Boise State University.  While her day-to-day tasks include a lot of administrative work, her favorite duty is still meeting with research subjects and overseeing the coordination of clinical trials.

Bridget Venard, CCRC, CMA

Bridget has worked in the research industry since 2009 and has been with Injury Care Research since 2012. She is a Clinical Research Coordinator with experience working on Phase II and Phase III protocols in studies that include family practice, orthopedics, and pain management. Bridget is also a Certified Medical Assistant with 10 years of experience in back office cardiac care. She attended Western Washington University and Whatcom Community College. In her free time she enjoys spending time outside with her family hiking, skiing, and watching her kids play soccer.

Annamarie Martinez

Annamarie has been working with Injury Care Research since February 2017. She is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a registered nurse and attends the College of Western Idaho. Her exceptional communication skills have made her an asset in her role here as a Clinical Research Coordinator and Recruitment Specialist. Hobbies include hiking and enjoying nature.

Christina Campos

Christina has been working with Injury Care Research and Family Care Research since 2018. She is a billing and invoicing extraordinaire and helps with all aspects of billing and accounts receivable.   Hobbies include spending time with her husband and four kids, dancing, and going fishing with anyone that’s willing to go with her.